Goji Berry Dosage

What is the daily dosage of fresh Goji berries?

The amount of freshly picked Goji berries routinely used in traditional Chinese medicine is 150 grams daily.

How many dried Goji berries can be eaten daily?

The recommended amount of Goji berries can be consumed is around 10-30 grams per day. However, there is no upper limit to consumption. Ten grams equates to a 1/4 cup or a rounded handful of Goji berries. The indigenous mountain people who grow these berries eat them by the handful. Dried Goji berries are shelf stable for well over a year if stored properly in a cool environment. They will keep longer still if vacuum sealed in a foil bag and stored in cool dry conditions.

How much Goji juice can be drunk daily?

For a healthy person the recommended daily dose for Goji juice is 30 ml of high-quality standardized juice, taken twice daily at mealtime for a total intake of 60 ml.

How much Goji tea is taken daily?

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends boiling 5 to 15 grams of the dried berry to make a tea and drinking at least half a cup per day.

How many Goji berry capsules can be taken daily?

Brands such as Fusion Goji Berry recommend 2500mg once or twice a day, but capsules should not be taken during pregnancy.

What are the recommended Goji berry doses in boosting health and treating illness?

Research supported Goji juice doses are:

  • Anti-Aging: Usual dose is 30-60 ml daily
  • Athletic Performance / Energy: Usual dose is up to 75 ml daily
  • Blood Boosting: Usual dose is 30 ml daily
  • Allergies: Usual dose is 30-60 ml daily Arthritis and Inflammatory Conditions: Usual dose is 60 ml daily
  • Cancer Prevention: Usual dose is 30 ml daily
  • Cancer Management: Usual dose is 60 – 120 ml daily
  • Cardiovascular Health: Usual dose is 60 ml daily
  • Diabetes (adult-onset, non insulin-dependent): Usual dose is 30 ml twice daily
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders: Usual dose is 45 ml immediately before meals
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure): Usual dose is 45 ml daily
  • Immunity: Usual dose is 30-60ml daily
  • Infertility: Usual dose is 75 ml daily for four months
  • Liver Protection: Usual dose is 15 – 30 ml
  • Obesity: Usual dose is 30 ml morning and 30 ml afternoon
  • Sexual Dysfunction: Usual dose is 30 – 60 ml daily
  • Vision Improvement: Usual dose is 30 ml daily

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